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I was a Miami-Dade County Police Lieutenant..I suffered an injury while being surgically operated at local hospital due to negligence. Additionally, I was in the Investment Plan for my retirement and didn't have enough money to retire. My medical condition was severe enough to keep me from performing my lawful police duties. Since my injury was not in the line of duty, I was not covered under the County's insurance. I was referred to Paul Kelly y a friend. I called Paul Kelley and asked him to review my case and if it was possible to get back into the FRS. Well, a few weeks later, Paul Kelley came through and I was accepted back into the FRS. Subsequently, I was able to retire with a secured monthly retirement check for the rest of my life. Paul Kelley is the real deal. He is not a charlatan but a man of not hesitate to hire him to get a positive outcome on your case. I am blessed to have this attorney represent me in my case with the FRS and also with Worker's Compensation for an unrelated matter. If you need the best attorney in Florida, just hire Paul Kelley.



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I retained Mr. Kelley as my attorney because he is well known as a legal expert in the field of workers compensation law, specifically the Florida Heart / Lung Bill. Additionally, he knows the intricacies of specific heart and lung conditions (medically) and how they relate to a claimants compensability. He is totally on the same page when consulting with doctors and medical staff. With his intimate knowledge of both WC law and relevant medical conditions, he was able to secure the needed (doctor recommended treatment) in my case, that was denied on several occasions by the employer/carrier. He made sure that ALL entitled benefits were provided, often in the face of bold opposition. His expertise made it happen for me every time. When you are in the right, they can't stop you. You just have to fight a little harder. And, that is what Paul Kelley is all about. Because many of his family members were in our profession, he is dedicated to helping first responders. During mediation, I witnessed a master at negotiations. He's 'got your back' as they say. His office staff is wonderful to work with and his Paralegal Barbara, is nothing short of Amazing! She is as passionate and driven as Mr. Kelley in managing the clients cases, corresponding with the court and all associated matters. He's got a kind reassuring manner, is a consummate professional and a true gentleman. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Kelley for bringing my case to a conclusion and proud to have had his representation. I highly recommend the Law firm of "Kelley Law Group" for your workers compensation matters.



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Two years ago, the Dade County PBA referred me to Mr. Paul Kelley to help me deal with Heart and Lung Bill issues I was having. This review is what my experience has been with Paul Kelley and his staff (especially Barbara) at the Kelley Law Group has been. The Kelley Law Group has been amazing in making sure that the benefits the Dade County/Florida PBA fought to get first responders were paid. At every hiccup, they were and continue to be there for me. They were instrumental in getting procedures approved that were originally denied and benefits paid that were originally denied. Mr. Kelley and his staff's knowledge of the Heart and Lung Bill and worker's compensation laws are impressive. As a recent example and something that might be of interest to fellow first responders, I developed complications from treatment for my covered worker's comp/heart and lung bill related injuries. A routine dentist visit revealed significant decay and the dentist indicated that it was related to the use of a CPAP and hypertension medicines. The Employee/Carriers first response to was to deny those benefits. However, The Kelley Law Group was able to secure those benefits for me and I am now able to get my dental work covered under worker's comp. I can't even describe the relief that this is to me.

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